I, Superhero!!

I, Superhero!! chronicles the hilarious, all-true adventures of The Amazing Whitebread and his superhero friends Geist, Master Legend, Mr. Xtreme & The Xtreme Justice League, Amazonia, and plenty more.  Coming this November from Kensington Books!

Reviews of I, Superhero!! can be found at Comixtreme, Random Acts of Geekery, and Eat Sleep Geek!

Here’s what other authors are saying about I, Supehero!!:

“The Amazing Whitebread might protest that he lacks the typical attributes of a superhero, but Mike McMullen certainly has the talents one wants in a writer: the reportage skills of Clark Kent, the compassion of Peter Parker, and the integrity of stately Wayne Manor or the Baxter Building. And he can turn a phrase like Eel O’Brian can turn his head. This is a fun, funny, touching book.” – Matthew David Brozik, author of The Government Manual for New Superheroes

I, Superhero!! is a funny exploration of what ensues when real people try to act as superheroes. But without actual training. Or skill. And wearing stretchy pants. This book underlines—in a very entertaining way—the mismatch of a fast-food approach to want without the work.” – Dr. E. Paul Zehr, author of Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero

“If you have been patiently waiting for that special spider bite, a radiation accident, or the shattering trauma in the alley—stop! I, Superhero!! provides a model for finding your guru, choosing a costume, and finding the mission that makes You, Superhero.” – John Shelton Lawrence, author of The Myth of the American Superhero

I, Superhero is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Borders, and anywhere else books are sold.  For more info, visit www.theamazingwhitebread.com.


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