Stuff About Me You Don’t Really Care About and/or Have No Legitimate Need to Know

Welcome to The Amazing Whitebread’s Webulastic Logtastic.  I’ve heard tell of these diaries one puts on the world wide internets for public consumption, and I’ve always thought they were mostly mastabatory exercises in self-aggrandizement (See my first entry, “I Hate Blogs”).  However, now that I have a book coming out (More info at The Amazing Whitebread’s website), I can see what a wonderful marketing tool…I mean, vehicle for personal expression and connecting with like-minded co-citizens of the <sigh> blogosphere…they really are.   So, if you’re interested in superheroes (both real and imaginary), books of all types, writing, the life of a government wage drone, or just a chubbie chaser wanting to see pics of a fat guy in a spandex superhero outfit, welcome!

On a side note, I’m currently taking bets on how many posts I actually publish before I run out of things to talk about and give up.  My money’s on 1 1/4.


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