New Feature: The Whitebread Letterhead!

So, I’m back!  More or less.  Just don’t expect sparkling wit and perceptive social commentary every day.  I’m still working full time, helping the loverly and talented Mrs. Whitebread raise our three chillins, and trying to write stuff that pays (as opposed to blog entries).  Basically, you’re my bottom priority.  There.  I said it, and I stand by it.  Sorry for any hurt feelings.  I’ll just tell you what dear old dad used to tell me when I whined: “Suck it up, Pedro!  Life’s tough!”  No idea why he called me “Pedro.”

Today’s entry is a copy of The Whitebread Letterhead, the official newsletter of my alter ego, The Amazing Whitebread.  I hope you like it, because they’re much easier to write than a “real” entry and I plan on posting them fairly frequently.

Best wishes and love to my #4 priority: you.  xoxoxo


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