Come Touch Me. Touch Me Like a Rogue, Lust-Maddened TSA Agent…

I’m going to be LIVE and in-person, signing I, Superhero!! at two Barnes & Noble (Barnes & Nobii?) bookstores in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this weekend!  Come see me Saturday, starting at 1 p.m., at the B&N at 75 and Northwest Highway in Dallas (across from Northpark Mall), or Sunday, starting at noon, at the B&N in Irving (Las Colinas) on MacArthur just south of 635.


Since it’s difficult to attract people to a blog entry that’s just about me doing signings, and in recognition of the fact that yesterday’s entry about erectile dysfunction was my most-read entry yet, let me conclude by giving the search engines a little something to latch onto:

penis, sex, genitalia, hump, thrust, coitus, free XXX, meet hot cougars in your area, Jessica Alba nude pics


To those who may have actually come here by searching for those things, I apologize for my deception.  You should punish me by buying a book and then refusing to let me autograph it.  Seriously.  That would make me feel awful.  Just…awful.


4 Responses to “Come Touch Me. Touch Me Like a Rogue, Lust-Maddened TSA Agent…”

  1. Lea Says:

    I’m still pretty upset about those Jessica Alba nude pics. Or are they available AFTER the jump?

  2. zohrbak Says:

    How might one arrange to purchase a signed copy of your book in the absence of being able to personally visit with you this Saturday due to logistical concerns?

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