FEMA Camps: Biggest Threat to American Freedom Since The Last Biggest Threat to American Freedom

Apparently, people are getting all up in arms about “FEMA concentration camps” or somesuch other scary one-world-order Illuminati BS. According to several websites, including this one, none other expert in all things ridiculous than Jesse Ventura is going to “expose” these camps on his conspiracy theory show on the increasingly-inaccurately-named “TruTV” channel. I’m thinking we should be about as scared of these camps as we should be of The Trilateral Comission, water flouridation, or Thetans.

First of all, let’s look at the source of the story:

I call him Gov'nah.

I could almost rest my case right now, but let’s continue with a second point. Right now, the most damning evidence most of these websites have is that FEMA has plans to handle “…riots and disasters and made plans to maintain order…including plans to deal with mass fatalities, insurrection, internment and quarantines,” and that they “have a contingency-structure in place to deal with mass fatalities and outbreaks in times of pandemics, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, national emergency or other disasters.”

HOLY CRAP!!! You mean the Federal EMERGANCY MANAGEMENT Agency has plans to MANAGE EMERGANCIES? Good lord.  Bar the door, hide the womens and stock up on shotguns and canned goods. Next thing you know, the Border Patrol will be patrolling the border, the Drug Enforcement Administration will be enforcing drugs laws, and the Department of Education will be trying to educate people. OK, so that last one would be new, but my point stands.

What the alarmists are saying is that FEMA is setting up concentration camps for its own citizens so the government can round us up and “take over.” Um…the government is already in charge, people. That would be like me locking my kids in their rooms so I can be take over my family. It makes no sense. In reality, what people are freaking out about is that a government agency is doing exactly what it was created to do, fulfilling its openly-stated purpose. Granted, that’s a novelty, but still, it’s nothing to worry about. What possible reason would FEMA have to round up all its citizens and place them into camps? Is that really going to give the government more control over us? It already takes our money and tells us, to one extent or another, what we can and can’t buy, watch, listen to, eat, drive, and say. Does it really need camps at this point? When you’re talking about something so involved, that would take so much time and resources, you have to ask what the benefit would be for the government. Rounding us up like cattle isn’t going to make them stronger, safer, or more prosperous. In fact, the government would end up weaker, more vulnerable, and in an economic shambles.

So, to all you out there who think FEMA is gonna come a’gunnin’ fer ya, I only ask, “Why they hell would they?”


3 Responses to “FEMA Camps: Biggest Threat to American Freedom Since The Last Biggest Threat to American Freedom”

  1. Thag Says:

    …because it sounds so dangerous and cool. Would you attract attention if you tried to stoke fears that the government likes raisins in its oatmeal cookies? Obviously, death-eating, dragon-flesh raisins are the way to go if you’re going to hype something up, because raisins are kinda…dry.

    Not to mention disgusting. Probably a FEMA conspiracy.

  2. Prassoon Suryadas Says:

    What the “Conspiracy Theorists” are saying is that FEMA has already built up its control grid to “handle” each and every Americans. Now to answer your question “For what purpose the government would do that”? You got it wrong bud… you got a false feeling that USA is run by your “Government”. American constitution has got shelved decades ago and the ‘predators’ were incrementally taking away the essential liberties of American people. Funeral of Capitalism was done the day when Federal Reserve Act got passed by a few crooks. The number of recessions (small and large) increased where as the number of banks reduced! All capital losses got socialized (new forms of taxes and bail outs) and profits privatized (A FEW corporations become FATTER, especially bankers). When Bush administration staged 911 and passed Patriots Act, Americans have literally become slaves. Government can detain anyone without any particular reason or warrant and for any number of days. Earlier he opened the doors of USA so that the CAPITAL can be easily be taken out of the country. And the capital went out followed with JOBS. The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 allows the President (not the congress) to shutdown internet for 4 months. All major media in USA are members of the secret society, Builderberg. In a nutshell, all the essential ingredients of old soviet Russia are already in place here in USA and its only a matter of RIGHT CRISIS to take away the rest of the liberties, if anything left. “Conspiracy Theorists” are predicting a draconian tax hike and hyper inflation which will eventually result in dollar loosing its designation as “global reserve currency”. (Already china and Russia are dealing trade with its own currencies worth $50billion). OK now with no jobs and high taxes and hyper inflation what are Americans gonna do? Go golfing? FEMA is getting ready to handle that!!!

    Coming back to your original question “WHY would they want to do that?” The answer is, Power Grab, Total control of global resources. Interestingly, these kind of “Conspiracy Theorists” is not a new phenomenon, they existed in olden days too. One such guy named Caroll Quigley, who worked as professor in many American universities including Harvard, in his book ‘Tragedy & Hope’ published in 1968 wrote

    “The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching (plan), nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole”

    NB:- I’m not an American!

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